Simple ways to Brand your Business

Branding your business is simple! if you follow the below steps….

What’s the first thing you want people to think of when they see your company name or logo? As a entrepreneur it’s essential you look after your image and reputation. And after determining upon your company name, the next step is to consider your promotion. That is because a excellent powerful brand is easily acknowledged and unique.


Often companies ignore that brand marketing is far more than just a name, logo, tag line and set of shades. An item is a set of principles that are associated with a business’s goods and services.
The principles you embrace is determined by your company but could consist of advancement, quality, effective, quick, effective, elegant etc. Also promotion is appropriate to your promotion because it is a way of organization and interaction. In fact customers will affiliate manufacturers with specific goods and services. And often a powerful brand can help effect buying choices and encourage someone to choose your goods and services over a rival’s.

Here are four easy steps to help you with branding:-

The graphic effect of your brand is essential. So analysis a number of innovative choices. Make a style brief and consist of concepts and a requirements of design that you like and don’t like. If you have a designer working with you, ask them to put together a few principles based on some of your thoughts and their own analysis.

When developing your brand, think about:
• Vision: What you want your brand to become.
• Promise: What your dedication will be to customers.
• Delivery: How you plan to provide your commitment
• Positioning: How you want to be recognized.

Branding your company is not just about style and elegant tagline. It also needs to link into your company strategy. Let us say you want to develop a aggressive placement technique. You will need to “distinguish” your product/service providing and offer value for your potential viewers. To do this you’ll need to:

• Decide on the potential audiences you wish to engage in.
• Define the characteristics of your company and the industry it plays in.
• Clarify your product/service key benefits and what makes you different from the competitors.

Brand technique may not seem essential to your company NOW but it’s definitely something worth considering early on – even if you are just writing down a few points on a page for referrals.
You see, in the future, excellent promotion makes ‘brand equity’.

A excellent brand can help to create connections with your customers and build client commitment. It also places value on your goods and services. In addition, if your brand is recognizable in your promotion action, it could increase your reaction rate.
When developing your coverage need to consider how your brand/ logo will appear on premium gifts e.g. T-Shirt, top quality presents like pen & Tissue pack marketing?

Keep in mind to consider logo measurements, font, font size, color and cases as the fundamentals. You may also want to consider different color choices of your logo, position/weighting on multi-branded components too.

Besides style and all the graphic things, it also contains brand wordings and style.
It’s essential to choose on how you’ll handle your brand continually as well as handling the views of anyone who involves with your brand, such as team, providers and customers amongst other categories. This is all part of name management and you should have this in mind at all times.

Finally, whenever someone involves with your brand they should have a positive brand experience. How are you developing your brand into a useful resource for your company marketing?


About Tissue King: 
Establish in 2005, Tissue King is a key player in Tissue Pack Marketing in Malaysia & Singapore. We offer branding and marketing service for SME industries to promote their brand using Tissue Pack Cover. 

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