Do you need offline advertising for your online business?

photo courtesy of David Wood

Generate traffic. Produce sales. Increase profits.

Those words are mantra to every business with a Website. But an overwhelming majority of businesses don’t ever reach their goals of mantra.

This is mainly because there seems to be an unwritten code of Web advertising. It states you can only be successful on the Internet if you are using online advertising methods like search engines, banner ads and buying online ad space. True, this should be a factor in any company’s marketing efforts but there’s an old rule of advertising you should consider… offline marketing & advertising.

Flip through any publication. From Newspapers to flyers, these days an advertisement almost looks bare and incomplete without a Website address or QR code. These ads are designed to peak your interest. By going to the Website, a potential customer should find complete details on the product and order information immediately.

There are many offline advertising mediums worth investing in to drive potential customers to your site. One of them which I would like to highlight here is the Print advertising which is fairly inexpensive and has the power to promote your dot com presence effectively.

Print Ad

Print Ad is far from dead. It’s basically the same as someone saying newspapers are dead. Well if you look at the majority of people, they read the news online nowadays. This doesn’t mean the print era is dead though. There are millions and millions of people that pick up a newspaper every day and search for stories that will kindle their burning desire for knowledge.

Print Ad includes everything imaginable like weekly shopping flyer, classified ads, local house flyers, magazine ads, newsletters, coupons, roadside billboards, free tissue pack distribution, company letterhead, even namecards. As long there is paper involved, there’s plenty of opportunity to advertise your Web site.

No matter which method you choose, there are certain guidelines you can follow to turn your potential customers into online consumers. Offer special incentives for visiting your site. More information, discount coupons, contest and online ordering are a good start. Just make your customers feel like they will actually gain something from checking out your Web site.

People are more likely to logon to the Internet than they are to call you or request info by mail. So make your Web site URL stands out in a large font style. Most advertisers hide their URL in tiny print, making it practically impossible to read. While your contact number, address and company name are all important, your URL should get equal consideration if not a bigger type size.

A company that is advertising offline and has a growing presence online must be doing well for themselves. The fact that such company is advertising offline to reach a totally different market immediately instills curiosity into a lot of people.

Offline advertising can open new doors for you and your business; you just have to go about it correctly. Depending on your business needs, you are open to a vast range of advertising options, choose wisely and choose correctly. It doesn’t come cheap, but the Return on Investment is great. The reason you see a lot of companies advertising offline today is because they are reaching out to those “unreachable” people. I’ve checked out a lot of websites that I’ve seen in magazines ad and flyers that interest me and I can undoubtedly tell you that I’m not the only one.


Tissue King is a tissue pack marketing specialist in Malaysia who effectively uses offline marketing to advertise businesses using pocket tissues, wallet tissues, tissue box and wet tissue packs.

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