What is a Flip-up Card Tissue, Cardboard Tissue Pack or Tissue Card?


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Some call it Flip Card Tissue; some call it Cardboard tissue and some just Tissue Card. whatever name they call it, it is basically the same product which actually comes in a credit card size pocket tissue shape. They are made of art card material which allows you to print your ad message in both side of the card. They usually come in 3 panel or 5 panel sides to print your advertisement message.

1 side of the panel will be attached with plain tissue pack with clear plastic packaging. The rest of the panels will be printed with your advertisement messages like below sample pictures.


flip card tissue

flip card tissue

Cardboard tissue pack

Cardboard tissue pack

This tissue card allows you to print full color printing on the art card to display your marketing message. Your consumer will be able to read and view information on the card and at the same time use the free tissues. They will not throw away the tissue card until all the tissues are used. This flip card can be used as voucher or discount card tear off card for user to redeem later at your shop. This benefits your marketing campaign of all size like Roadshows, events, exhibitions and retail shop promotions.

Example of Card measurement as below:

3 panel tissue card

3 panel tissue card

5 panel tissue card

5 panel tissue card

Tissue King is a leading tissue printing and marketing business based in Malaysia who offers high quality tissue printing services to help boost your marketing campaigns at minimal price for your repeated business.

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