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Custom Cube Tissue Boxes


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While looking some item in industry in Malaysia. You must have noticed that there are variety of tissue box available with different items of different forms and dimensions. A tissue box which can get your interest would be the one with a cube form, which can be used anywhere with any item.

Many times a company put the company brand on 4 sides of the box only. They create relax of the essential info on the end of the box. Like if we take an example of a tissue box advertising, a company would create the name or logo of the company or company brand on two part or may be four sides sometimes and keep all other details at base or the finishes. This reveals the value of organization’s company brand on the box. A Cube box is the demonstration of the item. If its not excellent and your item within is so excellent, possibilities are there individuals will not go for it just by viewing the overall look of the item.

A cube tissue box can become a cash box for kids too once its completely used up. Put a record on the edges of the box to shut it. Put a distinct cutter machine or blade ( do it by your own and keep the kids away) and create an opening on the box so that kids can quickly put cash in it. Its an simple yet affordable way of creating a cash box for kids. To create it more eye-catching put a wrapping paper of children’s preferred and cover the box with that art paper. It will not only look excellent but kids will also appreciate this. Same like that this cube tissue box can also be used for charitable organisation objective. If you are operating some company for inadequate and desperate and want some resources, you can also use this box for that objective. You can create or sketch the name of your company on the box to tell the individuals clearly about it.

Tissue Box

Cube Tissue Box

At Tissueking, we do 2 types of custom tissue cube boxes for as low as 3000 boxes. Each boxes could¬†accommodate¬†50 sheets of soft tissues which are easy to pull out and get your message printed in all 6 sides according to your design. it’s a ideal gift to your business partners, buyers, suppliers and potential customers.

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