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Most marketing experts tell you to monitor your brand and to be responsive to the needs of your off-line customers, but rarely do they tell you what to do when you have no customers to follow you.

What do you do if no one knows about your brand? Below are few ways to get them to know your product and services.

  1. Word and mouth marketing is the easiest and cost free method to spread the information about your business. Simply talking to your potential customers and explaining the benefits of your products and services.
  2. Advertising always the answer for spreading message about your business to the outside world. There are many ways and medium to advertise your message. Low cost advertising like distributing flyers, leaflets and giveaways o general public is a easy way to start.
  3. Getting your business online via website. You don’t have to create a high class flashy websites to grab user’s attention. A simple website which could provide enough messages about your business is enough to start off. A simple website design will cost less than RM1,000 to develop and can be up within 1 week. Visit heyam for further details on how to get a website for your business within 1 week.
  4. Creative marketing method like Tissue Advertising will attract your customer’s attention. A message around the packaging of tissue pack is enough to expose your services and products detail to your target market. Visit TissueKing to further understand about Tissue Advertising.
  5. Internet plays a great role in getting your business promoted today. Social Media as they call it, is becoming a key player to build your brands. Facebook, Twitter and many more tools are emerging daily to help small business to capture huge online audience.  Go for it and give it a try.
  6. Premium gifts like keychains, Pen, Stickers and many other corporate gifts could help promote your business and brand. Customers always like free giveaways and will always keep your gifts.

Hope this tips helps you in promoting your business.

Tissue king

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