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Why Pocket Tissues are important to us?

We have always been warned that sneezes can spread diseases. Do you know that a single wayward sneeze from a rush-hour LRT commuter can end up giving up to 100 passengers a cold in just five minutes? Unless they are contained in a tissue paper, the germs spread so quickly that within seconds they are being passed on via handrails on escalators or seats on trains. 

A single sneeze expels 100,000 droplets into the air at a speed of 90 mph. Individual droplets get transferred to handles, rails and other areas constantly held or touched. 

Up to 10 per cent of all commuters will come into contact with an area infected by that one sneeze, in the busiest areas, such as escalators at LRT stations, this amounts to around 100 people during busy hour. 

Regular commuters are well aware of the symptoms of others even though they are not always sensitive. A survey found out that 20% are annoyed by fellow travelers sneezing without using a tissue and 33% are angered by those who cough without covering their mouths.

Men are more likely to be at fault because one in three does not carry a tissue compared with 81% of women. Persistent sniffing gets on the nerves of 12% of travelers, although throat-clearing is only an issue for 3%. But most will either walk away or smile and bear it. Only 8% will actually say anything to an annoying sneezer sitting next to them. 

Perhaps they realize they are just as guilty as two thirds admit to travelling in to work even when they are feeling ill. We can’t totally avoid germs but we can do a lot to stop them spreading, especially when you’re on a crowded LRT train. 

Think of others before you sneeze without a tissue, otherwise in just five minutes you may have infected other LRT commuters and won’t be the only one feeling badly.

It also recommends having a laugh because the immune system is said to work better when we are happy, so reading jokes in your mobile apps may help during your next LRT ride. On top of that, always keep a Pocket Tissue Pack with you all the time.

Have a nice day with your Pocket Tissue….:-)

Courtesy of Malaysia Content Writer

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Tissue Pack Marketing

Packs of pocket tissues are often given out free in Japan as a cheap, effective method of advertising. It sure beats getting pesky flyers which are soon thrown away!

Believe it or not, I hardly buy pocket tissues in Japan because I get them for free. When I walked past Yokohama station one day, I brought home five free packs with advertisement inserts.

Once, when I asked my American friend’s teenage daughter for some tissues, she said : “Mrs. Mori, please don’t use the whole pack. You see, I like its cinnamon roll scent.”

Stunned, I asked: “You bought it merely to smell it?”

“Yeah, sort of,” she replied sheepishly. “Well, smell it. Nice, right?”

I didn’t use her tissue paper. Instead, I took a snapshot of it after sniffing it.

I usually have a stock of free tissues (including the wet type) to withdraw from. They came to my rescue last month when I suddenly had stomach ache while shopping.

I panicked when the toilet rolls in a shop’s loo were all used up. Boy, I was relieved upon realising that I had two packets of pocket tissue and a wet pack in my handbag!

Advertising in Japan: A man promoting his newly opened shop in Japan with free pocket tissues.Advertising in Japan: A man promoting his newly opened shop in Japan with free pocket tissues.

Tissue-pack marketing has been a most common (and also an inexpensive) tool in advertising. Compared to flyers, people are more likely to accept a pack of pocket tissues.

A discount coupon is sometimes enclosed in it, thus tempting customers to look at its advertisement (and consequentially retain it whenever they use the tissue).

When an establishment is newly opened, the staff will often stand in front of it, distributing free pocket tissues to passers-by.

Other hot spots to hand out these freebies are outside train stations, near bus stops and at shopping arcades.

There’s little need to buy pocket tissues in Japan as they are often given out free by people advertising their products or services.There’s little need to buy pocket tissues in Japan as they are often given out free by people advertising their products or services.

The concept of tissue-pack marketing first originated in Japan. It was the brainchild of Hiroshi Mori, the founder of Meisei Industrial Co., a paper-goods manufacturer in Kochi prefecture. He was searching for ways to expand demand for paper products. Inspired by the standard-size boxes of tissue (a novelty in the 1960s) imported from the United States, he was struck with the idea of developing the machinery to make pocket-size packs, in l968.

The popularity of using pocket tissues for marketing purposes replaced the most common giveaway item then – matchboxes. Banks were the first purchasers of his company’s pocket tissues to give to clients as part of their customer service.

Distribution of free pocket tissues took to the streets in the 1980s. Even government agencies (and other organisations) are utilising this advertising medium for crime prevention or to raise green consciousness. Recently, I received a pack of tissues with campaign messages against the yakuza (organised crime syndicates).

Four billion packets of free pocket tissues are said to be distributed annually in Japan. To attract attention, the inserted advertisements include pictures of famous artistes such as AKB48 pop singers or other celebrities.

A packet of free tissues with messages campaigning against yakuza organised crime.A packet of free tissues with messages campaigning against yakuza organised crime.

Pocket tissues are incorporated in lucky draws near the end of the year in some shopping districts or department stores. Customers purchasing a certain amount are entitled to draw from a lottery machine and most get pocket tissues as prizes. And to enhance the festive ambience, each pack comes with a cute printed picture of the year’s zodiac animal.

It is quite common to target certain demographics when distributing free tissue packs to passers-by. For example, a company promoting a beauty product for women will go for females.

However, not everyone will take the free packets. Perhaps they have their own and do not wish to stuff their bags or pockets with more pocket tissues?

At a campus, I once saw a table (set up by a driving school) full of promotional pamphlets and free pocket tissues. Even when the school’s employees were not around to man the table, very few students helped themselves to the tissue packs, despite the “feel free to take” note. A Japanese friend also told me that some people will reject free pocket tissues offered on the streets as they do not want to show greed.

Occasionally, I have accidentally laundered packs of tissues together with my clothes. The worst part was disposing of bits of tissues plastered to my clothing!

Despite that minor hiccup, I don’t mind accepting free pocket tissues. How about you?
From TheStar

To promote your business using Tissue Pack Marketing in Malaysia, visit Tissue King.

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Packets of free tissues carrying QR codes in Hangzhou gains popularity

From tour guides to cab fares, system has wide variety of uses. Whenever Feng Xingyu sees a quick response code – a square barcode with an arrangement of black dots – he grabs his smartphone and scans it to see where it will lead him.
Sometimes it is to a shopping voucher, other times a video advertisement, but usually it is to the homepage of a business such as a restaurant or bar.
QR codes were first designed for the automotive industry. More recently, the system has become popular outside the industry due to its quick readability and large storage capacity compared to standard barcodes.
In late November, the 22-year-old student got a surprise when he scanned a pack of tissues he was given as he strolled around West Lake in Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang province. Rather than an advert, the code led him to an audio guide to the Leifeng Pagoda, one of the city’s top scenic spots.
“It’s awesome – I never imagined a QR code could serve as the trigger for a tourist guide,” he said.
Since Dec 1, Hangzhou’s tourism authority has been distributing packets of free tissues carrying QR codes linked to walking tours for visitors.
Hangzhou Moving Media, developer of the audio guide, is handing out the packets at bus and railway stations, as well as airports and highway toll stations.
However, for general manager Zhang Lei, the idea did not come easily.
A keen tourist and a businessman working in paper production for decades, Zhang and his partners have seen increasing applications for QR codes at various scenic spots around the world. The codes link to a video clip, a map or an audio instruction, but Zhang said they are not always easy to use.
“Codes were printed on paper bracelets, which can be uncomfortable when the edges scratch the wrist, while others were linked to Web pages that only displayed a screen fixed at the entrance, so when you move forward, the code is useless,” Zhang said.
When he returned from tours, he thought that printing codes on tissue packs advertising may be a smart idea, because they are often among items that people carry, alongside a mobile phone.
In late November, Moving Media, supported by the Hangzhou authorities, handed out more than 10,000 packs of free tissues that led to audio guides for Hangzhou’s scenic spots.
Those who received the tissues said they liked the idea.
“They’re easy to use with the help of free Wi-Fi in the city, and I like the design,” said Li Shaohan, a 35-year-old tourist. The only concern for Li – and many other tourists – is the safety of the colorful printing.
Zhang said the printing involves water-based dyes that have passed tests by quality-control authorities, and all the colors used are safe and environmentally friendly.
“This is the second version of our designs. The first version had more colors, resembling oil painting on a silk scarf. This second version is more abstract, using fewer colors and resembling a Chinese brush painting,” said Shao Juanyi, director of the project.
The company has also designed a device that looks like a vending machine and dispenses free tissues.
“We will continue to give out tissues for free, but we’ll think of ways to make things profitable, such as including QR codes of restaurants, hotels, leisure services – the market value can be significant,” Zhang said.
The company has registered more than 20 patents to protect the intellectual property rights of the audio tour guide system using QR codes on tissue packs.
But convenient applications for QR codes do not stop there.
Taxi drivers in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and Jinan are using QR codes that lead to Alipay accounts to collect fares. Passengers without change or who don’t have their wallets or purses with them can scan the QR codes stamped in the taxis, confirm the fare, then click “pay now” on their smartphones if Alipay is installed.
Yuan Haibao, one of the first taxi drivers in Hangzhou to use the application, said, “It takes only five seconds to pay.”
The traveling public can also voice their opinions by scanning QR codes. Passengers in Nanjing, capital of East China’s Jiangsu province, can scan the codes in buses to rate quality of service. Buses on some 10 routes are using the system.
In Ninghai, Zhejiang province, farmers can scan the QR codes on packs of fertilizer in stores to identify the producers, quality classification and expiry date.
“The key point is to learn how to use the applications, which is not that difficult. Once we farmers have mastered the simple procedures, we find it not only interesting but helpful,” said Wang Haofeng, a 29-year-old tea gardener.
Experts say the market share of QR code applications can be “tremendous”, but some problems need to be fixed as developers attempt to expand their markets, including security controls and research on user behavior.
For system developers, the most important thing is to identify an incentive to make users scan.
“Scanning is a simple move, but prompting people to scan is not easy. Users must benefit from scanning and they must be well-informed about the benefits before they reach for their phones,” Zhang said.
Xiang Ligang, an Internet expert and CEO of cctime, a Chinese telecommunications Internet portal, said: “More code-reading devices in public spaces are needed to support a smooth QR code system.”
 QR code on Tissue
SOURCE: China Daily
About the author: We are Malaysian Premier Tissue Advertiser who make use of tissue pack as a low cost & creative advertising medium. Visit us at Tissue King for more details.
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What’s your marketing premium gifts for 2013?


If you have completed creating your marketing plan for 2013, make sure you add in some promotional premium gifts to the list. Studies have shown customers who obtained some totally free gifts are more likely to do business with you.

Search for promotional products in search engines and you will get plenty of business’s gift details. Keep in mind there is usually a lowest purchase amount. So create sure ask for a quotation and provides some allocation for some cost range for them. The more you purchase the less expensive it gets. If you come from huge company, look up main supplier for quotation. Here you may need to purchase in countless numbers but you will discover the cost is extremely inexpensive. The key aspect her is to discover something novel and useful. This will encourage your client to use it therefore they will keep it. This should be your promotional purpose.

Some popular promotional items to giveaway:

  1. Tissue pack – very popular in Malaysia & Singapore
  2. Pens – these are really popular
  3. Post it notes
  4. Reusable Eco bags, you can print your company’s logo and addresses
  5. Pen-drive/ USB drive
  6. Key holders
  7. Fridge magnet with customized ads
  8. Calendar
  9. Mugs
  10. T-Shirts

Let me share some ideas on how to use them effectively:

  1. Goodies bags – throw in some of your product brochures, tissue packs, pens, fridge magnet and post it notes inside a Eco bag
  2. Mail out calendars to all existing customers
  3. Print a calendar at the back of business card, so people will find a use for it
  4. USB Drives makes a great door gift
  5. Post free giveaways on your Social media site
  6. Include a promo/discount code with your promotional gifts, this gives your customer an incentive to initiate a business relationship with you

Some reminders

  1. Do not offer a gimmick, be honest and open.
  2. Always evaluate your response rate

Courtesy of gold and fabulous blog

Wishing you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year! 🙂

About us: Tissue King is a pioneer in Tissue Advertising & Marketing in Malaysia.

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Simple Marketing Ideas to implement


Most small business owners easily get too involved in the day-to-day operations of their business and hardly have time to spend in brainstorming marketing ideas or promotional events. Some even worry that marketing is too expensive, others may find it too time consuming. But without informing who you are and what you sell, how will anyone know? Here are some marketing ideas for those of you who need simple push.

Print the products you sell or services offered on the back of your business cards.

Always carry business cards with you. Give them freely and ask permission to leave them in places your target market may visit.

Join a trade association or organization related to your industry and create word and mouth marketing.

Print a tagline for your business on letterhead, fax cover sheets, e-mails and invoices. Make it catchy and easy to remember.

Develop a website to showcase your products, services and location. Use a memorable URL and include it on all marketing materials.

Start creating your social media site to engage with your customers. Always have a goal and purpose before jumping into this media.

Promote yourself as an expert by writing articles or tips on topics related to your industry. Creating a blog is easy nowadays. But maintaining it is another story.

Provide free t-shirts with your logo to your staff to wear and as giveaway in trade show.

Send newsworthy press releases as often as needed.

Use an answering machine or voice mail system to catch after-hours phone calls. Include basic information in your outgoing messages such as business hours, location, website, etc.

Join a local Chamber of Commerce where you can network with your area business owners.

Place ads in publications your market reads. Be sure to reach the non-English speaking market as well.

Distribute specialty products such as Pens, Tissue Pack, or Mugs with your store’s logo.

Marketing is most effective if done in coordination with other exposure. Remember to tailor each event for your target audience. If your message isn’t being delivered to the right person, it may be a wasted effort.

About us: Tissue King, a tissue marketing & advertising company in Malaysia who help business promote their branding using creative tissue pack.

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Most marketing experts tell you to monitor your brand and to be responsive to the needs of your off-line customers, but rarely do they tell you what to do when you have no customers to follow you.

What do you do if no one knows about your brand? Below are few ways to get them to know your product and services.

  1. Word and mouth marketing is the easiest and cost free method to spread the information about your business. Simply talking to your potential customers and explaining the benefits of your products and services.
  2. Advertising always the answer for spreading message about your business to the outside world. There are many ways and medium to advertise your message. Low cost advertising like distributing flyers, leaflets and giveaways o general public is a easy way to start.
  3. Getting your business online via website. You don’t have to create a high class flashy websites to grab user’s attention. A simple website which could provide enough messages about your business is enough to start off. A simple website design will cost less than RM1,000 to develop and can be up within 1 week. Visit heyam for further details on how to get a website for your business within 1 week.
  4. Creative marketing method like Tissue Advertising will attract your customer’s attention. A message around the packaging of tissue pack is enough to expose your services and products detail to your target market. Visit TissueKing to further understand about Tissue Advertising.
  5. Internet plays a great role in getting your business promoted today. Social Media as they call it, is becoming a key player to build your brands. Facebook, Twitter and many more tools are emerging daily to help small business to capture huge online audience.  Go for it and give it a try.
  6. Premium gifts like keychains, Pen, Stickers and many other corporate gifts could help promote your business and brand. Customers always like free giveaways and will always keep your gifts.

Hope this tips helps you in promoting your business.

Tissue king

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